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Bernette 38 Swiss Design Computerized Sewing Machine Review (2024)

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Whether you are an old seamstress and want to upgrade your equipment or a newcomer to sewing, the Bernette 38 Swiss Design Computerized Sewing Machine (available at
) Amazon or Sewing Machines Plus) is an excellent machine that has a lot to offer.

The 38 is a versatile powerhouse that can handle a variety of materials, stitches, speeds and paths.

bernette 38 review

In our opinion, while the price will make your wallet feel empty, the Bernette is well worth the cost and will get it done in a matter of weeks – days when you are busy!

Check out our Bernette 38 review to decide if this machine is the right one for you!

Bernette 38 Swiss Design Computerized Sewing Machine: The Details

The Look

Bernette’s design team clearly knows what they’re doing in aesthetics. A sleek white exterior and sleek black underbelly give this machine a very modern look.

The interface and front LED display are not distracting or overly complex, and maintain a nice, pristine appearance that won’t confuse your work area.

All this is a professional-looking machine that fits like a dream into any sewer workspace.


  • Weight: 21, 7 pounds
  • Dimensions: 19.5 x 16.1 x 11.1 inches
  • Stitches: 394
  • Speed: Adjustable
  • Automated/Mechanic: Automated


Rather unusual, the Bernette comes with eight different presser feet for different jobs.

You also get:

  • An extension table.
  • Four bobbins (one already placed in the machine).
  • Multiple feet (zigzag, overlook, sew on buttons, open toe, buttonhole, satin stitch and blind stitch).
  • An assortment of needles
  • Two coils.
  • A second spool pin.
  • A screwdriver.
  • A lint brush.
  • A seam ripper.
  • A flushing net.
  • A hard cover to protect the machine when not in use.

Bernette: the company

Bernette is part of the Bernina family, a company that has been Strong in the industry for over 125 years and

They have always aimed for quality and innovation, keeping their products ahead while maintaining affordable prices.

A quick flick through their website rev gets a wealth of support and information about every sewing machine they have produced, with a healthy emphasis on customer service and support.

These guys are getting high marks from us.


Auto Wire
0] Cutter

Look, we all have one hate having to stop working to cut and tie the thread. It’s a tricky, tedious process that’s the creative flow blocks.

The fact that the Bernette 38 sewing machine Coming with an automatic thread cutter is a great bonus and a great one for those who have a lot of work to do.

bernette 38 review

Convenience from Usage

Old hat when sewing or just trying on the hat for the first time, this computerized sewing machine is incredibly easy and intuitive to use.

TThe interface is simple, efficient and you will experiment with all many, many stitches to play with.

Getting started is super easy. …

Excellent Manual

Most manuals get bogged down and complicate things. This is not so with the instruction manual that comes with the Bernette, and thank goodness for that!

Clear instructions walk you through setup, features, and the strange troubleshooting issues. This is a big plus for those new to modern sewing machines.

What Foot for What Stitch?

We really like this feature. Choose the stitch style you want and the Bernette will tell you the right presser foot for the job.

This is a great extra for newbies to sewing, or those looking to get back on track.

Extended Table

If you need extra work space for larger jobs than buying a sewing machine with an extendable table is a must.

This sewing machine is computer controlled (unlike the popular Bernette B35 model) and comes with an oversized table that can when needed – and it as standard, at no extra cost.

best sewing machine

This is a great thing to have when working with quilts and dresses, and because it’s interchangeable, you can choose when it needs to be there, and put it away when you need it. works on smaller projects.


We loved the look of this machine before… and we’ll do it again!

It’s always nice to have a machine with a clean, modern look – twice as good when working on patterned materials or complex stitches – and the Bernette is certainly a sewing machine that fits well in any professional workplace.

Ad justable Speed

Slow down is a necessity for delicate work. With this sewing machine, you can easily adjust the speed of the Bernette and change the presser feet to help, which is a huge bonus.

Bernette 38 Sewing Machine Review

The Positives

Standard Accessories

Given all the goodies included with the Bernette 38 computerized sewing machine standard (the presser feet, the presser feet and all other goodies), this machine is a good start for sewing because it offers everything you need to get started.

Beginners just buying their first machine will benefit from not having to figure out which accessories to buy themselves, saving costs and creating confusion.


The saying goes’jack of all trades, master of no one, but better than master of one’, and it goes well with the Bernette.

What this machine can accomplish is unbelievable. From delicate silk to robust muslin, the Bernette can handle it, making it the best sewing machine for creatives.

Professional and casual seamstresses need reliable and durable machines can handle a wide variety of jobs – especially those people who need their investment in a sewing machine off to throw.

The versatility the Bernette offers is a big bonus and one we like to see.


To be fair, some sewing machines can make a terrible noise. They get the job done, yes, but the noise can drive anyone up against the wall!

If you have a young family or live with light sleepers, a noisy machine is just causing trouble.

Fortunately, the Bernette is not such a machine. Even when you go at top speed, the noise remains minimal and can . Put on some tunes while you work and we will reduce the noise from the Bernette to nothing.

This is a definite plus regardless of whether you work on a company’s garment assembly floor. or in your own private workshop.

bernette 38 review


This machine is like that, thus easy to use. Regardless of your sewing machine experience level, you can set up the Bernette in minutes and get started on your next great project before the hour is up.

A clear manual and user-friendly interface are two big ticks in the pros column.

Again, great for learning and for beginners, or for those looking to retrace beginner steps back into sewing. There will be less hassle and more time to tackle projects.


Not only does this machine perform extremely well. Well, it of high quality material, which makes your machine last for years.

When making an investment, you want your product to last and it’s clear this company has the same view.

They also have a 10 year warranty on the machine casting and a 2 year warranty on electrical problems and labor.

This depends on where you purchase the Bernette 38, so please contact your dealer to see if and for how long you .

This is what the Bernette 38 Swiss Design Computerized Sewing Machine

The negatives


The Bernette is not a cheap machine and is an investment that should before purchasing.

As mentioned, it certainly makes up for the cost and has to provide stress-free, stable sewing before projects die, but it can daunt for those with limited budget.

Bernette and Bernina have a longstanding reputation in the industry for creating on-line machines at affordable prices, the Bernette 38 computerized sewing machine is a solid example.

No Embroidery Functions

Despite everything the Bernette can do, he cannot embroider. Although he masters many sewing methods, this machine does not allow you to venture into the world of embroidery.

If you are looking for a machine that can extend to this craft, look elsewhere.


While this machine is sturdy, if you are looking for a lightweight, portable machine, these weighing in at 20 lbs may not be the best choice.

For those of us who plan to be constantly on the move around a machine, take it to class, or you don’t want to keep it in just one area, you’ll probably find the Bernette 38 daunting to lug around.

Although it is also not the heaviest, those who are not used to lifting a lot of weight may find it tedious to carry.

Speaking of exercise, if you plan to jet set with this machine overseas, we should also remind you it to be used only with 110V, making it difficult (and maybe I might) to use in continents and regions where voltage is higher.

burnette 38 review

Overall verdict

Despite a hefty price, the Bernette is an accomplished machine that is ready to take on any job tackle that your creative mind can come up with.

It’s a fantastic lifetime purchase for new seamstresses who plan to expand in the craft, but don’t want to frustrate themselves with a low quality option on the learning curve.

For experienced seamstresses, it will meet your requirements – and perhaps the type of buyer who can bear the price tag more than others.

This plus all kinds of standard items and an incredibly user-friendly interface, makes the

0] Bernette 38 Swiss Design Computerized sewing a great investment.

Where to Buy the Bernette 38 Sewing Machine

Both Bernina and Bernette have produced quality machines that have only grown in popularity in design and performance over the decades.

It is not uncommon to find Bernette machines on the shelves of specialty and craft stores, and the Bernette 38 Swiss Design computerized sewing machine is no different both in-store as available online.

To your start, visit the following online retailers.

Check Price on Amazon

Check Price on Sewing Machines Plus

That’s all for our review of the Bernette 38 Computerized Sewing Machine. Tempted to give it a’sew’?

Not sure if this is the model for you? Browse our latest machine reviews.

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