Janome 2212 Sewing Machine Price:  $178.06 (as of 22/10/2021 03:40 AM Details )

  • Easy dial pattern selection
  • 12 built-in stitches including a four-step buttonhole
  • Stitch width and length adjustment provides ease of use
  • Free motion sewing and quilting
  • 110 volt machine, for use in VS only

Product Description

2212 Features: -Front loader spool and free arm. – Speeds up to < > spm dial pattern selector. -Manual voltage control. -Snap-on presser feet, built-in thread cutter. -12 stitches, < > step buttonhole. -Adjustment of stitch length up to 4mm, 0-2.< > stitch length for reverse stitch. Product Type: -Mechanical Sewing Machine. Light included: -Yes. Free arm: -Yes. Needle threading system: -Manual. Reverse stitching: -Yes. Automatic bobbin winding: -Yes. Thread Tension Adjustment: -Yes. Thread Tension Adjustment Type: -Manual. Dimensions: Overall Height – Top to Bottom: -14″. Overall Width – Left to Right: -17″. Overall Depth – Front to Back: -9″.

Good machine for TOTAL beginner? Need to buy anything with it--needles, bobbins, etc? What color is it--white/cream and green/blue? Thank you!

Yes, it is a good machine especially for a total beginner. Why? Because 1. It's not one of those toys going for $25.00 that breaks as soon as you plug it in, causes frustration and you end up quitting; and 2. Janome is one of the top 3 BEST sewing machine makers in the world. They stand behind their products and they do not disappoint. Very few Janomes end up in the repair shop. You want to start out with something simple so you can avoid confusion and learn the basics like I did. This machine is simple. If you have a good teacher (yeah, Youtube can be very helpful), follow the instruction manual, take your time and start with small simple projects you will do fine on this machine. This is why so many schools buy this very model for their sewing students in home ec class. This machine is white just like in the photo. It comes with a 5 pack of spare universal needles size 12 and maybe 6 spare bobbins. You should buy needles since you should change needles every project or every 4 hours of sewing time which ever comes first. Janome Brand, Organ or Schmetz flat shank are good. If you need more bobbins I would find a certified Janome dealer to buy from. Not all bobbins fit all machines. Do not use anything SINGER with this machine. And finally, make sure you buy from an authorized Janome dealer or the warranty will be void. Contact Janome for a list of dealers in your area. They have a website and FB page.

Will a Janome sewing machine have a warranty if it is purchased through Amazon?

If it is "shipped and sold by Amazon" or sold by an authorized retailer (which you can check by using their zip code on the Janome website) then yes it is covered by the warranty because it is being sold by an authorized seller. However you will need to send the machine to the Janome NJ service department or to the store you bought it from to get the free service in the first year. Read the full information here:

Heavy duty enough for blue jeans?

The trick is to get the right needle. So look for heavy duty or denim needles . You can use Schmetz or Organ brand for this machine as well as Janome's needles. Do not use any Singer products on this machine.


I purchased this machine for my daughter so that when I visited her in another state I would have something to do. I was sewing ragtime quilts for her girls. I was concerned about sewing through so many layers and might need to get a special presser foot. I did not need anything extra. not. It is a great machine!

What is the difference in this machine and the one listed as just the Janome 2212 it does not say full sized on it or 860 SPM?

I logged onto Amazon's site in an effort to see exactly what you were asking. The two sewing machines are exactly the same. The only difference is in the description. And, if this is a present time (November 27, 2013) question, the one with the "FullSize Freearm Sewing Machine, 860 SPM & Free Bonus Package" description will give you a package of sewing needles and some extra bobbins. But other than the free goodies the machines are exactly the same. I would go with the one with the bonus package, not only for the bonus package but because the seller for the bonus package machine has better reviews than the seller selling the stand alone machine.

Isn't the foot pedal cord too short for anyone else? It's only 3-1/2' long and doesn't even reach the ground. What an I doing wrong?

I think it’s too short also. Mine does touch the ground but I don’t have much flexibility for placement.

Do generic supplies available at local fabric stores (Joannes, Walmart) work w/this machine, i.e. bobbins, needles, etc.

Yes you can use Schmetz or Organ needles and Distinctive presser feet which are less expensive, the same exact quality and fit beautifully on this machine. Do not use anything Singer or Brother on this machine. I use only Janome Bobbins and I recommend a using a higher quality thread such as Guttermans with this machine. Cheap threads tangle, split and get caught in the bobbin housing and throatplate and can do damage to this machine. This machine is a great investment. It's a workhorse and great for beginners.

Is having only one type of buttonhole to choose from a draw back ? Haven't sewn for a while but am looking to sew clothing......

This machine has a 4 stage buttonhole that is not done automatically like an electronic machine, but it is well balanced and easy to use. The buttonhole is a standard use type for non-stretch fabrics. Stretch fabrics have a special designed buttonhole stitch that forms an X to allow movement.

What is the harp size?

About 7"


15.6 lbs if you read the spec..... easily portable but solid enough to work with. A great machine for the money.