• How-To-Gather-Fabric-With-Elastic

    How to Gather Fabric With Elastic

    Gathering fabric stands out as one of the most crucial methods of sewing. We used this stitching method on upholstery designs, garments for adding fringes...5 min

  • How-To-Remove-Screen-Print-From-Cotton-Shirt

    How to Remove Screen Print From Cotton Shirt

    Although screen printing adds intricate elements to a patternless shirt, there’s no denying that they look unpleasant as they age. Another problem with the prints...5 min

  • How-To-Sew-A-Pillowcase-With-Flap

    How to Sew a Pillowcase With Flap

    Pillows have an inner flap to hide your pillow. You can take measurements of king-size pillows, queen-size pillows or other ty.s of pillows. Can you...4 min

  • Can-You-Stitch-In-The-Ditch-By-Hand

    Can You Stitch in the Ditch by Hand

    There is no risk in creating innovative designs with new quilting methods,’stitch in the ditch’is one of the fan favorite techniques. Have you ever scratched...4 min

  • How-To-Remove-Screen-Printing-From-Fabric

    How to Remove Screen Printing From Fabric

    When it comes to transferring a particular design onto a material, such as bags, t-shirts, hoodies, screen printing has always been the best method. With...5 min

  • How-To-Sew-Elastic-Directly-To-Fabric-1

    How to Sew Elastic Directly to Fabric

    Elastics in making waistbands for clothing. However, on certain occasions you may need elastic to create fitted cuffs on shirts so that it fits snugly...5 min

  • How-To-Cover-Back-Of-Cross-Stitch

    How to Cover Back of Cross Stitch

    When you’re done with cross stitching, you’ll be wondering if cover it up or leave the messy bis,k alone. Most people will choose to leave...5 min

  • How-To-Cross-Stitch-For-Beginners

    How to Cross Stitch for Beginners

    If you are a beginner in the sewing world, you may have looked at some projects and wondered how the person achieved their cross stitch....4 min

  • What-Can-A-Mini-Sewing-Machine-Do

    What Can a Mini Sewing Machine Do

    A mini sewing macine is a small sewing macine. It is a ome sewing macine for small sewing jobs tat you may ave around te...4 min