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Janome Mod-19 Easy-to-use Sewing Machine Review (2023)

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[.459001]Although finding a sewing machine in a department store is a fairly simple task, it is difficult to find one that is a real workhorse and can do everything you need. Have.[.659001]With all the different sewing machines on the market, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. That’s why we’re here to help. Today we look at the[.459003]Janome MOD-. easy-to-use sewing machine[.459004].[.659002]If you have the right information, buying a new machine can be much less stressful. This machine comes with . different stitches, a needle threader and a metal body. Sounds pretty good, right?[.659003]But not everyone has fallen in love with this machine. There are some complaints that it isn’t great at sewing thicker fabrics, that it is difficult to change the feet and that it has a plastic presser foot.[.659004]However, Before you make your final decision, let’s inspect the Janome sewing machine. Then you can decide if it’s the right one for you.[.659005]Janome MOD-. Easy-to-use sewing machine: the details[.659006]The Look[.659007]The[.459003]MOD-.[.459004]is a fairly plain looking machine, although it looks sleek. Most of the exterior is white, except for the dial panel, which has a red, blue, and gray geometric design.[.659008]It’s also a fairly sturdy machine with an all-metal interior, weighing nearly 12 pounds. To give you an idea of its size, it is comparable to a small microwave oven.[.659009]Specs[.659010]Weight:[.459013]7 lbs.[.659011]Dimensions:[.459013]16 x 7 x 12 inches.[.659012]Stitches:[.459013]. built-in stitches and 1 buttonhole.[.659013]Speed:[.459013]800 bpm.[.659014]Spool:[.459013]Drop-in coil.[.659015]Warranty:[.459013]25 year limited warranty.[.659016]Accessories[.659017]General purpose base.[.659018]Sliding Buttonhole Foot.[.6590.]Zipper Foot.[.659020]Blind Hem Foot.
][.659021]Sating stitch foot.[.659022]Over-edge foot.[.659023]Needle package.[.659024]Spools (class 15).[.659025]Rigging knife.[.659026]Spool holders.[.659027]Additional spool pin.[.659028]Instructions for use.[.659029]Foot control.[.659030]Power cord.[.659031]Janome: The Company[.659032]Janome in .21 by Dosaku Osem, but as The Pine Sewing Machine Factory then. It Janome until .54.[.659033]Currently, Janome has branches in the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Australia and many more countries. 0][.659034]Their stated mission is to provide sewing machines and overlook machines that are easy to use, reliable and made of high quality materials, so that the user “ can get the most out of their creativity..”[.659035]The Warranty[.659036]The Janome MOD-. sewing machine comes with a 25-year limited warranty. year warranty.[.659037]The warranty covers all problems with the “materials or workmanship, except for electrical/electronic equipment, which is warranted for two years from original purchase.”[.659038]In the first year you own the machine, you can receive replacement parts for defective parts and labor is free.[.659039]After the first year, defective parts can for free, but you must pay for any labor required to repair your machine.[.659040]The warranty covers nothing that happens because of maintenance or repair of your machine, nor does it cover damage caused by “normal wear and tear.”[.659041]In addition, the warranty only applies to machines purchased through an allowed Janome dealer. Be sure to check before purchasing your new machine.[.659042]Features[.659043]. Built-in Stitches[.659044]The Janome MOD-. comes with . stitches built directly into the machine, including a single four-step buttonhole.[.659045]The stitches range from a straight stitch to I can select a zigzag stitch to decorative and satin stitches and with the dial on the front.[.659046]For most projects you will find the stitch that you need.[.659047]Built-in needle threader[.659048]You need your reading glasses or a magnifying glass when threading a needle. The MOD-. comes with a needle threader directly on the machine, so someone handles automatically the entire ordeal.[.659049]Just follow the diagram that came with the machine and you’re ready. ready. sew in no time[.659050]Top-Loading/Drop-In Bobbin[.659051]The MOD-. also has one-loading, drop-in coil. A top loading spool is much easier to put in the machine and much easier to fix if the thread gets stuck.[.659052]Why don’t all machines have a top loading or drop-in spool? We don’t have an answer for that, but we’re glad this one does. It makes the sewing process so much more fun.[.659053]Five-part feed dog[.659054]This machine also has a five-part feed dog system.[.659055]This means your fabric will pass through the machine smoothly and easily and you’ll be less likely to miss a stitch or hit a snag.
][.659056]Adjustable stitch length/width[.659057]There are also dials on the front of the MOD-. that allow you to adjust the length and width of your stitches.[.659058]Depending on what you’re making, you may want stitches that are shorter or longer, or thinner or thicker.[.659059]Free arm[.659060]The MOD-. also comes with a removable storage compartment that, when detached, gives you a gives free arm to work with.[.659061]What does this mean? If you’re working on the hem of a shirt sleeve, you can slide the garment directly onto the arm, improving the entire process.[.659062]You don’t have to. don’t worry about sewing up the cuff of a shirt because you accidentally put the whole sleeve through the machine. (Don’t judge!)[.659063]Drop feed[.659064]You can also drop the conveyor onto the machine, causing its perfect for free-motion sewing and quilting. Just pull the lever and you’re ready to go.[.659065]You can also use this function when sewing a buttonhole.[.659066]Reverse lever[.659067]The[.459003]Janome MOD-.[.459004]also includes a lever so you can use a backstitch.[.659068]This works great for closing and securing a stitch that all your hard work won’t go undone.[.659069]LED Light[.659070]There is also an LED light built into the MOD-.. You don’t have to sew in the dark or rearrange your sewing room’s lights to suit your project.[.659071]It doesn’t matter what time day or night it’s able to see what you’re doing.[.659072]Janome MOD-. Easy-to-use sewing machine review[.659073]The Positives[.659074]Versatile[.659075]With . built-in stitches you can do your everyday little sewing and large quilting projects.[.659076]The adjustable stitch and with length gives you another set of options, depending check what you make.[.659077]A versatile machine makes it easy for beginners to grow into more experienced sewers without upgrading. This machine is great for trying out different projects, materials and techniques.[.659078]Unless you’re doing advanced sewing techniques, the MOD-. has all the features you can imagine. ever want or need.[.659079]Easy to use[.659080]As the name promises, the MOD-. is also easy to operate. With just the drop-in bobbin and the needle threader alone, your job will be 100 times easier.[.659081]The drop-in bobbin means you can see exactly what you’re doing. do when inserting, and it’s easy to reach if there are problems.[.659082]As a plus, is there anything better than a machine that threads the needle for you? We don’t think so![.659083]Beginners won’t feel intimidated by this machine and those who switch machines won’t have a big learning curve.[.659084]Great to learn[.659085]Due to all the easy-to-use features on the MOD-., it’s a great starter machine for beginners.[.659086]Its classic design and simple settings make it an ideal machine to learn and grow with, especially thanks to its versatility.[.659087]You have stitches and functions that you know how to use right away, and once you gain some experience, you have other functions to help you with more advanced projects.[.659088]Compact yet durable[.659089]Janome for their well-made machines. With its all-metal interior, they build this machine to last, even with heavy work or rough use.[.659090]The construction, along with Janome’s long warranty, ensures make sure you have a machine that will last for years.[.659091]But just because it’s built to last doesn’t mean it’s bulky. The[.459003]Janome MOD-.[.459004]is quite compact and lightweight with a weight just over 10 lbs.
][.659092]You have a sturdy machine that can easily stand on your work table or desk, in small spaces or apartments, and that you don’t have to store and switch off when needed.[.659093]Silent[.659094]A number of users commented on how quiet this machine is. A quiet machine means you don’t have a cluttered workspace to annoy yourself and your roommates.[.659095]If you like to sew at night or early in the morning, and you don’t want anyone in the household, this could be the sewing machine that suits you.[.659096]The Negatives[.659097]Plastic presser foot[.659098]Although durable, because of the metal construction, it made the presser foot of plastic. most machines we make the presser foot of metal and we found this difference strange.[.659099]This does not match the heavy construction of the sewing. machine and this decision makes it less durable than its competitors.[.659100]Difficult to change feet[.659101]Maybe because of material of the presser foot, testers found the feet are difficult to change.[.659102]The MOD-. comes with several presser feet, so it’s a shame that users have trouble turning them on and off.[.659103]Not great for heavy fabrics[.659104]A few users also commented that this machine is not strong enough to handle thicker fabrics.
][.659105]So if you often sew heavy denim, wool or other heavyweight fabrics, you may want a more industrial machine can handle the task.[.659106]Overall verdict[.659107]After going through all the positives and the negatives, we recommend the[.459003]Janome MOD-. easy-to-use sewing machine on[.459004].[.659108]With its . built-in stitches, built-in lamp and metal interior, you can’t ask for much more.[.659109]Although the plastic presser foot and the difficulty of changing the feet is a problem, these problems are not enough to discourage our interest.[.659110]Where to? Buy the Janome MOD-. Easy-to-use Sewing Machine[.659111]Janome is a brand that has on the shelves of department stores and specialty stores again and again, and for good reason. Their machines have stood the test of time and have become a reliable option for sewers.[.659112]The Janome MOD-. easy-to-use sewing machine is no different as they offer it. by retailers, both in-store and online.[.659113]To start, check out the following online outlets.[.659114]Michaels[.459004](from $180)[.659115]Wal Mart[.459004](from $154)[.659116]Wayfair[.459004]($179)[.659117]But of course this machine is also available on Amazon.[.659118]That’s all for our review of the Janome easy-to-use sewing machine. Fancy giving it a try?[.6591.]Not sure if this is the model for you? Browse our latest machine reviews.[.459002]

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